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             SEMVMA 2019 Practice Management & Health Seminar - Wednesday, May 1, 2019 -

     - Find Personal Sustainability in Veterinary Medicine - A day for Veterinary Professionals -                     Registration deadline has been extended to May 25'th

Dr. Pope-Robinson's workshop is designed to help each individual on his or her own personal journey to career resiliency.  As veterinarians and caregivers, we sometimes feel dark and lonely - trapped by our obligations and the expectation of the world.  We care for some many lives.  Yet our own lives can feel unspoken for.  This wellness program will look at:

  • Finding balance between the negative and the positive
  • Harnessing the core principles of connection                                                                             
  • Overcoming challenges with empathy and humor
  • Recognizing, embracing and connecting to life again

This all day meeting will take place at the Management Education Center in Troy, MI - Please click here for  full registration details.

Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson has been in veterinary medicine for over 20 years, practicing in both the large and small animal sectors.  In addition she supported the position of a multi-unit manager for a large corporate practice and spent time in the pharmaceutical sector working with specialists and universities.  Her career has provided her a unique  understanding of the stresses involved with maintaining a career in this industry, and she now dedicates her time to providing well being support for the profession through her company 1 Life Connected.  She provides this support through 1 on 1 coaching, customized team events, and as a dynamic international speaker.  In the end, Dr. Pope truly believes that we are all 1 Life Connected.